Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kuroshitsuji  2 <3 ... this is more to say I NEVER ENDED UP COSPLAYING D:
Long time no see? I haven't died... sorry for those that got really excited. I've just been reaaally really lazy. The kind where you sit at home, don't go to uni, but still manages to sleep at 3am and wake up tired the next morning. Yeah you would know ALL about it.

The hell yeah? What the crap do I use my time to do? Good question... there's currently a uni degree associated with that, I really would like to know as well ~ 

In all other news... I really like Cee Lo Green's new song... hence the blog title. I'm not always that crude. So... let's take a trip down the memory lane? Or just I just feel like photo spamming because someone claims I never remember the things we do. ~~

Toot toot... this is not a Ferrari but it gets me from A to B ... plus it's not even mine
In no particular chronological order... I spent around 5% of time this year hanging around the interior of this dashing silver car... next to yet another dashing silver car. 

Last exciting time this was used was to go to the beach in which the other J made sand castles minecraft style. (Don't get me started on Minecraft). 

It was fun... even the part where he pretended to be a subwoofer :3 

My pet rock that lives in my pencil case
Nothing special here... just one of the better photos my iPhone took during uni. I just realised I am very pink this year. Maybe I am turning into more of a girl. That comment makes no sense what so ever. 

Let's just say I'm really a bro at heart.  ~ 

I love uni desks... I spent so much of my "study" time staring at them ~ out the window ~ writing letters ~ playing ds ~ playing psp ~ listening to my iPod ~ sleeping ~ doodling ~ anything but studying 

= - =

One of the bigger regrets of my life ... buying him that game
Advance Wars. See that engrossed look on his face. He NEVER concentrates that hard...except maybe when he's trying to find GOGARY and stab him in the face to steal his tag. 

But ahem. Advance Wars + DS = Jono will be unavailable for the next 48 hours, he's too busy having a date with his fingers. Not that kind... the button mashing kind. 

He's looking for hax btw~ 

This negro has stolen a GHD
Nah not really.. I just feel the need to put this here because I turned around one night and found Pudding (yes I habitually name my pets after food, perhaps I have hidden tendencies of wanting to consume them. CHYEEEAH BOI KITTEH RICE?) 

But yeah, it's one of those rare moments when I turned around and found him poking out from underneath my couch with the most innocent but evil look on his face. HAD to take a picture because he looked like he's vanishing into the darkness. 

So evil :3

A fun doodoo made from around $10 worth of stuff

This pictures goes with this ... Where I accidentally put boiling hot melted chocolate into my mouth after making this fondue thing. I've been craving for ages and ages and after nagging Jono for around the 100th time he finally gave in and bought the stuff. 

It was actually a lot of fun and deserves a post of it's own. But I'm a tool... a lazy one at that... so YOU CAN HAVE ONE PICTOR DEDICATED TO YOU. 

I shall one day... revisit with a post just about all the random food we made and ingested. 

The making of tuxedo duck  painted by a duckfaced duck in a duck duck T-shirt
It has been proven that Jono isn't the most artistic person in the hood. Although you may think that he's diligently painting away, he's really just staring  into the duck's bum because I told him there's money in there. 


He's actually painting the ducks' feet. :3 Ducky knows how to use paintbrushes well and has a lot of patience... it was a lot of fun making this baby. Turned him from a boring terracotta duck into ALIEN TUXEDO DUCK. 

He's only an alien because we changed our mind from painting a realistic wild duck to a tuxedo duck the last minute... I think that was my fault. :P

He needs antennas ~~~

Glazed duck?
Hairspray magic. You'd think he came out of kiln. :D

Masochistic Oranges... (:
Stolen from the T shirt site which I totally forgot the name of, but this is a tribute to the Pillow Fight hoodie I bought there along with Jono's many random T shirts.

Ok seriously... How did I end up with this?
I have no idea... but something tells me that on average, he takes one picture of me sleeping without me knowing a month. When I find out about them... it reminds me of the photographer camping in the woods to take pictors creepypasta. 

Also remember the night when I ended up reading creepypasta til 3am and someone trying to scare me. THEN WE PLAYED EXMORTIS. LOL... it was so shit we both wasted 30 mins of our lives. 

I think with interest, it'd become around 45 mins now. :/ 

Y U NO....
Meme generator? Need I say more? 



...nah jk~ you are awesome <3  11 is a magic number~ 

When you are on a map of snipers... in a tank ~~~
 Once upon a time in Bad Company 2... Konstrike found a tank and xChii decided to sit in the tank and do some duck hunting. 

Needless to say it was bloody fun ~~~ >:D

Until Kon told Chii that Chii can't survive on BC without him. 

Snipe whore~
Ok maybe the KDR isn't epic but still... I GOT THE ACE PIN~~ chyeeeeeeeeeah boi. Then Kon told me that I only got it because I am a camping SOB. 

To which I say... oh well~ at least I wasn't spawn killing ^^ 

It's not what you think.... 

What's keeping me from studying... 

9 days to go... sigh ): hate exams 

Dear Jono, 

You are infinitely amazing, 

I love you so much 



Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pet rock :3

It's been ... a while. Oddly enough I lost the urge to write for an extended duration of time. Either way, it's now nearly the end of August. And I'm not even sure if I remember all that's happened all this time. 

Life goes up and down and now it's returned to a normal rhythm of going to uni every week and working on the weekends. Somehow I find the colours in that petrock picture really vibrant... congrats to me for a random 1 second shot that turned out nicely. 

If I were to think about it, a lot of things turned out nicely thus far and I'd be an ungrateful moron to deny it. Aside from my little emo moment last night which got fixed nicely by your voice. I really like your voice for some reason... is that weird? I sound like a stalker >.>

Pet Jono book :3

Although half of those pictures aren't mine... curtsy to Facebook and some low level stalking -coughliescough- Ultimately what had come out of these 8 months of my life is learning, learning and more learning. 

Accepting that you can't always be right but as long as you grow from it, they'll accept you and still love you. 

I don't know if I had grown up much... but sparing the mushy ...mushii... mushi... zmush?... lovey-dovey doting I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This chapter of my life is on hold until further notice.

Stalk somewhere else.

Monday, July 19, 2010


We all do this from time to time. 3:

I realised I haven't been writing down much of my thoughts lately, and that has the implication that I'll forget it all. And much of that has already happened...then again if I have already forgotten I wouldn't even know this.

A lot of things in life has changed in the last... let's just give a logical time span of six months. I haven't really met any new people nor have I gotten closer to anyone. Life's just bobbing along, working, trying to rake in moolah and wondering what I am going to do about the rest of my life.

Uni is about to start next week, and I can't really conclude what I have learnt anything supremely substantial during the quiet period of time that I had during my deferral.

One thing for certain tho, I would have definitely failed if I didn't defer. A lot has happened... I've also been a lot of things during that time, ranging from a liar, a tease, a shit stirrer, a girl on probation, an emo, a "grandma", a dream, a reality, an ex-commerce student, a fx counter girl, a lost person, a sit-up doer, a fatty, a moron, an artist, a writer, a naive person, a troll and eventually getting there one day, a decent girlfriend.

That would be a good goal to start with.

Perhaps it's relief, but I'm finally settling in with life again. Although that is disregarding the blatant rule breaking and being a disobedient child at home, I'm slowly finding a balance.

It's a bit of a shame that it took this long to work things out, but I am content in the equilibrium that I am in now. Knowing what I should be doing rather than doing what I thoughtlessly do.

I think a lot, just not about the right things. It's just a destructive lesson to learn how much my actions can affect someone else.

I did take a long time to put appropriate emphasis on what we have. It is very awesome and it is something I would cherish indefinitely. Life is very much not a fairytale and we are long overdue in our honeymoon period. But you are a reality that I find comfort in.

In what we do, in how we act and in all the things you have taught me. I sincerely do want to be a better person for the both of us.

It's odd I started rambling on about general things. Then it all ends up back on talking about a person. I hate quoting mushy love quotes because they are all over someone else's blog.

But there is one particular one that is floating around in my head right now because it's coincidentally appropriate...

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world" - RUSSIAN REVERSAL!

It's so cheesy. But you are in fact my world at the moment... if not an entire universe.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gift from Kami-sama

You are probably busy studying for your exam. And by the time you even unearth this, it'd be over. Of course, you won't even have internet for the next few days. Why am I even waffling about all this?

I'm glad I got to know you. Truly you have been the best thing that happened to me. It'd also odd that I have run out of words to express myself so early. But in all honesty, I'm so relieved that things turned out the way they did and I had chosen you.

I don't regret that decision. I am so content right now I feel like rolling around on the ground, despite the silliness of it all. My only regret is that it took so long for us to reach this equilibrium... that and it took me so long to see him for what he is; and for me to overcome my reliance.

You are indeed a gift, and the most valued entity in my life. I'm just that lucky to have you all to myself. >:3

I really can't wait til exams are over so we can do all those things we said we'd do. Make more pictors, create our achievements list, go driving, scrapbook, lie around and fall asleep, complete our pokedex, BC2 til they all fear the pikaman duo, sell ties, draw pictors, write stories, cook dinner, get drunk and slice eggs...

It'd hard to describe that kind of blissful contentment I feel around you. The sense of comfort and the little bubble of happiness. All I can say is no one else has made me feel that naturally euphoric.


I love you ever so much and thank you for being an infinitely wonderful boyfriend <3

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a. h o l e

I'm slowly becoming convinced that working as a FX counter girl is turning me into the biggest asshole in the world. Although I must say, after working for roughly three short months, I learnt a lot, learnt to resent a lot and just generally facepalmed a lot.

Here are some examples of what reaaaaally tick me off.

1. People that scrunch their money.

Ok you guys are more of an asshole than me. Why the hell would you do such a thing? There's nothing more annoying than trying to count money out when all the notes want to do is curl into a giant pretzel-like orgy. I hate you people with a passion, ffs buy a wallet or something. ):

2. People that LOVES going through this particular dialogue with me.

A.k.a Maths Noobs.

Nib: Uhh... I'd like to buy some Euros. What's the rate today?
Me: The rate today is .6867 for you to buy sir.
Nib: So if I give you AUD 100 how much Euros would I get?
Me: ... -facepalm-
Even a primary school kid, can very safely assume, 100 x 0.6867 = 68.67 Why the hell do you have to ask?
A slight variation for the ones that are "tech-smart"
Techie: What's the rate for USD?
Me: 0.8548 for you to buy.
Techie: -whips out an iphone-
Me: ... -watches-
After about 10 mins. . .
Techie: so how much would I get for AUD 100? 200? 500? 800?

What the hell is the iPhone for then? :/ so duma.

3. Super stupid questions.

Another Noob: You know Australian currency has dollars and cents yeah?
Me: yes...
AN: Do Euros have cents?
Me: -head desk-
Noob: Do you exchange money here?
Me: obviously not. 3:
4. Moneygrams.

Ring ding ding ding ding ~ what's the rate to India today? How much if I send 200? Why the fee so much? Ok I send 50 only? Where's the pen? Where's the form? Oh I need the ID? Where can they receive the money? How come the rate's so little? Give me better rate? ... and then -plasters forehead against the glass-
5. People who assume they have a lot of money.

Woman: I have $1500 dollars I want to exchange into USD. -looks around- Is this place secure? -goes and shuts the door-
Me: .... OTL -raises eyebrows-

6. General weirdos.

Random Indian guy: are you 17? Are you Viet? Are you Korean? Will you marry me for $800/month?
Me: duma. -looks at his moneygram ($50 to India) Really now? You can afford me?


Yes... my job. It's just THAT exciting~


It feels odd to be who you are but at the same time not feeling like what you are. It's like wearing a crown that's too big for you head and often it falls down. Obscuring your vision and other senses, slowly becoming a nuisance.

Either the crown has to shrink or the head has to grow... which is often a dilemma, made worse by silence and all the little syllables left out of a sentence.

It feels wrong that I am filling in the blanks in my head. How do I even know if it's true? I don't think I have that sense of righteousness to assume what is not said.

Who the fuck do I think I am?

- the monarch of pickles.

There's enough vinegar in my life to go pickle ten jars of cucumbers.

I've run out of time to be eloquent, there simply isn't enough time to deal with all this. I'll just continue with the pickle production in the mean time.


It's vague.